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Noted square footage is the total of main and upper floor area, and does not include garage, basement, screened porches, etc. unless noted otherwise.

**Note: Stock plan images will be replaced with colour renderings as available

Chalets/Multi Level


Cabins & Garages


 Chalets or Multi Level Homes:

(Typically has all - or most - amenities on main floor with partial loft/upper floor above.

Often also has vaulted/open ceiling above a Living/Great Room)

Under 1500 Sq. Ft. ~ 1501 to 2500 Sq. Ft. ~ 2501 Sq. Ft. and above

 Under 1500 Sq. Ft.:

The Okanagan

The Bannock

The Nootka

The Okanagan - 1086 Sq. Ft.

The Bannock - 1218 Sq. Ft.

The Nootka - 1218 Sq. Ft. 
The Eskimo The Shasta More Coming Soon!
The Eskimo - 1244 Sq. Ft. The Shasta - 1500 Sq. Ft.  

 1501 - 2500 Sq. Ft.:

The Wynoochie The Selkirk The Walla Walla
The Wynoochie - 1670 Sq. Ft. The Selkirk - 1713 Sq. Ft.  The Walla Walla -1770 Sq. Ft. 
The Cherokee The Huron The Uchee
The Cherokee - 1777 Sq. Ft.  The Huron - 1814  Sq. Ft.  The Uchee - 1864  Sq. Ft. 
The Dakotah The Lakota The Comox
The Dakotah - 1890  Sq. Ft.  The Lakota - 1944  Sq. Ft. 

The Comox - 1981 Sq. Ft.

The Iroquois The Lumbee The Chilcotin

The Iroquois - 2035 Sq. Ft.

The Lumbee - 2042  Sq. Ft.  The Chilcotin - 2077  Sq. Ft. 
The Rumsen The Mohawk The Shuswap
The Rumsen - 2094  Sq. Ft.  The Mohawk - 2222  Sq. Ft.  The Shuswap - 2469  Sq. Ft. 
More Coming Soon!    

 2501 Sq. Ft. and above:

The Tolowa The Algonquin The Navajo
The Tolowa - 2530 Sq. Ft.

The Algonquin - 2600 Sq. Ft.

The Navajo - 2800 Sq. Ft.
The Cowichan The Chinook The Apache
The Cowichan - 2803 Sq. Ft. The Chinook - 2852 Sq. Ft. The Apache - 2972 Sq. Ft. 
The Tatanka More Coming Soon!  
The Tatanka - 3244 Sq. Ft.     

Under 1500 Sq. Ft. ~ 1501 to 2500 Sq. Ft. ~ 2501 Sq. Ft. and above ~ Back to Top

Perfect Drafting & Design provides custom home design, but some of the plans are developed into "Stock Plans" to help you with ideas or to save you time/expense of creating your own custom design.

These plans may be purchased as they are, or they can be adjusted to your specific needs (on a hourly contract basis) or you can use parts of several plans for ideas to develop your own custom plan.

Most stock plans start at $.50 per sq. ft (including 4 hours of revisions and 5 sets of the plans with shipping)...translating to roughly half the cost of a new custom plan!

Any plan can be built on a crawlspace, concrete slab, or un-finished basement at no additional charge for plans (finished basement charge may apply).

All plans can also be converted to stack log, timber frame, stick frame, ICF, etc. Feel free to contact us for more information.

All prices shown are in Canadian funds, and do not include applicable taxes.

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